School Playground





What we want

 Interesting memories of the playground - Images, old video, accounts from past students. If you can video a relative talking about a fond memory… absolute gold.

 Current state of play - Updates on what’s happening, we will update this as content is made available.

 Viral video projects - Get creative and make a video of aliens destroying the playground. Have a bit of fun and see if you can get on TV. Doesn’t have to be professional, just has to be positive and interesting.


2016 Term dates


Term 1 - Tuesday 2nd February-Friday 15th April

Term 2 - Monday 2nd May -Friday 8th July

Term 3 - Monday 25th  July - Friday 23rd  September

Term 4 - Monday 10th  October - Friday 16th December

Teacher ONLY Day - June 7th




All through Term 4 HATS are required to be worn at all times outside

We need to keep our students Sun Safe

Sunblock might be a wise addition to childrens bags for those times when we are outside for a longer period of time



Lunchbox Menu 2015/16


Sushi Menu

Sushi dates for term 2

Wednesday 18th May
Wednesday 15th June
Wednesday 6th July

As usual orders need to be in by the Tuesday morning prior to Sushi Wednesday :-) to the delightful Donna in the lunchroom
4 large piece $5.50
8 piece $9


ASB Banking

Here is a great way for ASB to give Laingholm Primary School money…

The ASB wish to support Laingholm Primary School through the ASB Sponsorship Referral Scheme.  This simple scheme gives us the opportunity to give out a voucher offering a $250 donation to the school for every parent or friend that draws down a new Home Loan with ASB.

The conditions are that the parent/teacher or friend of the School must present the voucher to the ASB staff member when making the loan application. The loan amount must be $150,000 or more and payment is only made after the loan is fully drawn down.  This is limited to one voucher per client.  Vouchers are available from the school office.

Vouchers are available from the school office.

School Banking with ASB

Sign up to school banking and your child can make regular deposits in the convenient, secure drop box in the office at Laingholm School.

It’s easy – here’s how…

1.    1. Complete the first part of the application form (available from the school office) to register for School Banking.

2.    2. If your child doesn’t already have an ASB Headstart account, simply complete the second part of the form to open one.

3.    3. Drop your form back to school and place in the drop box.

4.    4. If your child has an existing ASB Account just pick up a deposit envelope from the office, enter your account details, place your banking inside, seal and place in the drop box.



Term 2 Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July

Term 3 Monday 25th July -Friday 23rd September

Term 4 Monday 10th October - Friday 16th December