Elodie Tataai 1

The inspiration for the poem was from a book “Laura’s Poems” – a NZ girl who has her poems published. The criteria was it had to include a metaphor, a simile, and alliteration

Te Henga/Bethells

I walk along the sandy bay

My feet sinking like weights into the thick oozy paste of mud, water and sand

The waves make a thunder like song against the limpet infested rocks.

Seashells shimmer in the sparkling Sunday sun.

Sea grass slow dances to the wispy wind.

All is quiet in the misty caves.

Everything drops into dead silence.

Lorena R10 & Sivlara R18

Studying the wildlife in your backyard! This is a Praying Mantis visitor

Griffin [R10]

made a cipher wheel!

Brodie [R10] made an improvised wasp trap from a milk bottle

Edwin [R2] & Holly [R10]

Learn a new skill – learning to sew

A great game of monopoly went seriously wrong when Raichu attacked old Bunny for not giving him $200 for passing Go!!!

Edwin [ R2]

Edwin [R2] Made a mini golf track – Hole number 1

Indiah [R10] & Paige [Tataai 1]

Here’s the links for making them.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe0uqc6ImgQ Making an ANZAC poppy that can be made into a wreath or just the poppy

Ollie [R10]

Ollie [R10] Made a birdbox

Violet [R10]

Violets DIY project during lockdown was making a glittery bedside table top to sit on her existing shelves. Violet’s dad Nick and sister Amélie helped and they had a lot of fun making it. They enjoyed using the power tools and mixing coloured glitter through the varnish!

Hope R10

Cooking and Gardening

Hope transformed a Barbie into a  Zombie [R10]

Alessa [R10], Lillia [R10] and Elliana [Tataai 1]

Made their own school class and each girl has a name, age, likes and dislikes

Leon [R7] Designed a Marble Run

Indiah [R10] A Who did it and with what puzzle!

Edwin [R2] and Holly [R10] made a bird hide to see who has been eating the persimmons

Emily [Tataai 1] & Grace [R10]

Emily and Grace have been busy making a fairy garden today with things found in our garden. Thought you might enjoy our LaingHOME school logo in the background ?

Holly [R10]

Holly [R10] Made a mini golf track – Hole number 2

Camille [Tataai 1]

Camille [Tataai 1] created a Fairy House

Hope [R10]

An Easter display created by Hope

Camille [Tataai 1]

Michael [Tataai 1]

Create a marble run that keeps the marble going for more than 10 seconds