What’s Available At Laingholm?

Sport Events at Laingholm School

Laingholm Primary School provides a variety of sporting opportunities for your children. The purposes of these events are varied. Some of the events are available so that children can get in and participate. The rest are for children who excel in certain sports to test themselves against children from other schools. The way the children are selected can be seen below. In the end the selection process is followed but the final selection is left with the sports coordinator.

Event Organiser How teams are chosen
Swimming (Term 1) Mr Cox and Mrs Morgan The best swimmers available selected at lunchtime trials.
Krypton Factor (Term 1) Mr Cox and Mrs Drake This team is chosen from a range of observations made by teachers. Included in the selection process is an evaluation of students who stood out at the schools Top Team event from the year before.
Cross Country (Term 2) Mr Cox and Mrs Hart This team is chosen from our school cross country competition in age specific categories.
Saturday Netball (Term 2 & Term 3) Mrs Morgan and Miss Crouth This is open to all girls and boys who wish to play netball and can commit to their team.
Football (Term 3) Mr Cox This is open to all year five and six children who wish to play football at the zone day
Athletics (Term 4) Mr Cox and Miss Crouth For this event we pick the best children from our school athletics event in age specific categories.
Gymnastics Team (Term 2 or Term 3) Mrs Morgan Column 3 Value 7
There are a number of other sports available for children to take part in. These will be available if parents can give up their time to coach and organise the team. Here is a list of some of the other sports available:

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • League
  • Ripper Rugby
  • Touch Rugby
  • Flipper Ball
  • Tee Ball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

Other events available:

These are run usually by staff at lunchtimes. These are run when it is possible due to other commitments, availability of space, time constraints, interest from students etc They are proposed activites and are not necessarily run all the time.

  • Mediators [all year – year 5/6 students]
  • road patrollers [all year – year 6]
  • AV club
  • Geek squad
  • Chess club
  • Te Reo class
  • Librarian
  • student council [voted by individual class students]
  • wet day monitors [year 6]
  • choir
  • guitar
  • piano
  • kapa haka
  • ukelele group
  • enviro council
  • horticulture club
  • nature savers
  • weed busters
  • worm farmers
  • jump jam leaders
  • team leaders
  • sports leaders