The staff at Laingholm Primary School are committed to empowering all students to reach their highest potential by providing high-quality teaching and leadership.

This is visible in our continued focus on engaging students within a broad and relevant curriculum.

We acknowledge that respectful relationships, valuing and embracing every student’s culture, identity and individuality are key to understanding, and therefore empowering, each student to reach their highest potential. Our strong inclusive practices support this approach, as does our focus on trying to make learning, and life, fun.

Ensuring that students reach their highest potential is encompassed in our school value of excellence. It is also visible in the ‘high achievement’ target included in our Charter.

We have a continued focus on a broad, engaging and relevant curriculum with an increasing spotlight on student agency – student voice and student choice. This broad approach is essential as a student’s highest potential may not be in reading, writing or mathematics.

Laingholm is a unique community and our school naturally forms an essential hub for our extended community with the wider community actively involved in the school, and the school actively involved in the wider community.

* Our Purpose, in Practice – the values that underpin our practice as teachers, define, inspire and guide us.