Teddies & Toys doing Chores

This is Froggy who decided that Miss Cheeseman had left the dishes too long and decided to help out a bit. Panda is overseeing to make sure Froggy doesn’t miss any bits!   Miss C

Lorena R10

March doing her Homework

Bonnie R10

Here are Bonnie’s toys hanging out the washing. Gypsy and Olivia are carrying pegs to Scotty who is hanging up the clothes and oops it looks like he’s accidentally pegged himself up and Patsy and Maddie are passing the clothes up to Scotty who looks very stressed being stuck on the clothes line.

Christian R10 – Jimmy helping Dominic study

Bonnie R10

Ellie fluffing the duvet and Tinsel and Peppermint are plumping the cushions

Indiah [R10]

Elf cleaning the toilet, while Camel is supervising

Caroline got in on the action

with this great game of monopoly went seriously wrong when Raichu attacked old Bunny for not giving him $200 for passing Go!!!

Lorena R10

This is my teddy- Paddington wiping the floor,
and my bunny- Ginger is watching if he’s doing it correctly.

Holly [R10] and Edwin’s [R2] toys doing the chores

Holly’s bear and platypus helping her vacuum her room, Monkeeee doing some mopping, but Edwin’s little monkey was found stealing a banana.

Hope [R10] her teddy is helping with homework!