Sol’s first entry into the competition R10

Isla’s creation R8

Elode’s [Tataai 1] Elf Hut with Observatory with Swing

Gus’s car and campervan [R16]

Max’s Lego Creation R7

Jack [R2] Lego Pod Racer

Elliot [R2]

Indiah [R10]

Left photo is my Lego City bedroom with the addition of my new creepy crawly spider on the right.

Jenna [R18}

Saskia [Tataai 1]

Lego house and Sleep out

Jessebelle made a pen holder and phone holder R6

Griffin’s creation R10

Daniel from Tataai 1 has created a Star Wars movie set!

Heidi’s Lego creation R9

Theo R18 has made a Rubbish Truck with his friend Ollie R8

Theo  also made a model of a Battle at Laingholm Primary School

Hunter [Tataai 1] and Ash [R10] made the Great Wall of China

Noah [R16]

Noah made a Secret Spidey Clubhouse for the challenge.

Kyla [R6]

Flying ships and fast cars

Elsie’s lego creation R17

Amazing creation from Holly R10 and Edwin R2 – Spot the shop/cafe! And the chicken leg in the crocodile’s mouth!

Max’s Trampoline [Tataai 1]

Holly [R10] and Edwin [R2]

The lego adventure playground includes a roundabout, monkey bars, tyre swing, pirate themed climbing wall, baby area, spa and banana tree picnic area!

Jenna [R18]

Luc [Tataai 1] designed some Aerobirds

Leon [R7] made dinosaurs, a maze, a house and figures

Paige [Tataai 1]

Leon [R7]

Kiwi and Dinosaurs