Crocodile made of leaves – Ella R17

Isla R8 Nature Art

Hunter Tataai 1

Max’s Elf drawing R7

Holly [Tataai 1] and Emma [R8] made an Easter book for Nana Patsy who lives in Pinesong Retirement village

An Easter treasure hunt by Regan R10 and Ella R17

Indiah [R10] & Paige [Tataai 1] Easter Artwork

Christian [R10] Symmetrical artwork

Giraffe made of leaves. Regan R10

Griffin R10 Nature art

Ash R10

Scarlet R8

Holly [Tataai 1] and Emma [R8] made an Easter tree

Holly [Tataai 1] Designed and made a clock

Mila [R2] Easter Hat

Edwin [R2] Designed his own animal

Ewen [R8] designed some amazing Insects

Dylan [R2]

Elsie R17 Nature art

Devon R2

‘Outside Stuff’ by Matilda R16

Leon [R7] felted Easter Bunny and Easter Egg

Holly [Tataai 1] decorated Easter eggs

Holly [Tataai 1] designed a pot of cactuses made out of rocks!

Indiah [R10] Camping

Holly [R10] Designed her own animal

Alba [R17] and Amber [R9]

Edwin [R2]