Eloise has created an amazing FORT nicknamed ‘the hovel’ in the front room. Tataai 1

Peyton’s fort R8

Kyla [R6] with help from Tamzin & Sam made  an amazing hut

Aimee [R16]

Fletcher [R10]  made a Fort for his cat

Here is my cat shadows land I built for her.
On top of it is a bridge for her to go over the roof and also to sleep in. The building with the flag is her home. Underneath the bridge is the apple shop by the cabinet is the library and on top of the library is her playground.

Daisy in her ‘Caddy Camp’ R6

Cameron R7 created the ‘Lockdown Compound’

 its air conditioned features; open plan living, all day sun and looks out over the Manakau Harbour! Comes equipped with climbing rope, booby traps and a slingshot to ward off intruders!

Ollie [R8] and Theo [R18]

Jack [R2]

Daniel from R7

Nico’s Retro Blanket Hut R13

Sol’s Blanket Fort R10

Sol has been building, re-modelling, and improving upon his blanket fort since about Day 3. It includes but is not limited to a main sleeping area, a spare room (under the coffee table), a library nook and a ‘special spot’ for the pets to sleep. He has been sleeping in it most nights

Grace [R10] and Emily [Tataii 1] had a campout inside!