Hope’s cheery display R10

Grace [R10] and Emily [Tataai 1] brighten their street window!

Hope [R10] Upcycling a birdbox!

Tahlia [R16] decorated the fence under their kitchen window

Gorgeous driveway rainbows from the O’Brien family R10, R17 & R8

Hope [R10] made some parachuting teddy’s to hang in the tree!

Jenna [R18] & Elliot [R2]

Elliana [Tataai 1], Lillia [R10] and Alessa [R10] Coloured their world all the way from Belgium!

They drew pictures for the old couples that walk past our house daily. Bonjour = hello Salut = Hi there. So nice to see them all stop and smile.

Eloise Tataai 1 designed an amazing Easter Egg

Noah [R16]

Noah’s window which he made with his sister to brighten the neighbourhood.