What's Everybody Doing Now?

Week beginning Thursday 9th September –

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Belle, Tātai 1

Zoom outfits!

Ita, MT5

Griffin, MT3

Lemon Curd

Leon, MT4

Challenge 2 – Epro 8 – Marble Run

Elliana, MT4, Lillia & Alessa MT5, Hector R16

We had a “kids bake-off” where they had to design, bake and decorate a cake. It was loads of fun.

Elsie, R6

A Kiwi habitat. And a watercolour pencil painting of a fantail!

Regan, MT3

Hope, MT3

Carly, R10

There are some very happy birds in her garden with the opening of this beautiful bird restaurant.
Have you ever seen a bird smile?

Jenna, Purple Bubble

Chicken farm

Ellie, Purple Bubble

Amazing creation

Mia, R9

Scarlet, R16

Elsie, R6


Regan, MT3

Emily, R2

Solomon, R7

Leon, MT4

Challenge 1 – Epro 8 – Paper Bridge

Regan, MT3

Bowie, MT5

Lego Kea

Carly, R10

Ella, Tātai 1

Reuben, Tātai 1

3D SketchUp model of a bunker

Max, MT3 & Heidi MT5

Making Iced Mochas

Isla, MT4

Lily, MT3

Making Sushi!

Leah, R7

Levi, R6

Isla, MT4

Melting Moments

Elsie, R6

She made a tiny pirate ship. Small enough for a Sylvanian baby. It has a treasure chest, with gold treasure. Her pirate has a parrot on their shoulder, and a special pirate outfit with a gold necklace with a medallion. And the obligatory eye patch!

Belle, Tātai 1

PJ Themed Zoom

Connor, MT4

Harry Potter zoom day!

Leon, MT4

Dino Cookies

Tane, MT3

Charlie, MT3

Regan, MT3

Savvy, MT3

Savvy, MT3

Lego Castle from the 30 day lego building challenges

Connor, R2

My bald eagle.  I worked on it for 3 weeks. It is made with a tinfoil core and then paper mache. I painted it and eventually, it will sit on a branch.

Lucas, MT3


Devon, R7

Water Rocket

Gus, Tātai 1

Created Lego train

Elliot, R6

Walking Water experiment

Luca M, R16

Aoife, MT5

EPro8 Challenge 2 – A Marble Run

Leon, MT4

Epro8 Challenge 2 – Marble Run

Aoife, MT5

Epro8 Challenge 2 – Marble Run

Leon’s [MT4] EPro 8 Challenge!!! Lockdown EPro 8  final round…

Laingholm Lockdown Life 2021

The challenge was to make a robotic animal with a moving part, to go in a robotic zoo. Leon decided to make a robotic Monarch butterfly- he called it The Butter Bot 2000. We had Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete the challenge- it was fun and a lot of work. It has been really cool doing the family lockdown challenge- and Leon has loved it.

If you’d like to see the finalists and the winners check here https://epro8challenge.co.nz/epro8-lockdown-edition-qsgue.html