What's Everybody Doing?

Week beginning Wednesday 18th August – Wednesday 8th September

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Bowie, MT5

Bonnie, MT3

Regan, MT3

Vivi, Tātai 1

Jess, MT3 &

Frankie R16

Jack, R7

Edwin, Tātai 1

Paper plane flight testing!

Jamie, MT3

Ffion, Tātai 1

Hope, MT3

Gus, Tātai 1

Finley, MT5

Emily, R2

Luigi, R2

Mimi, Tātai 1

Savannah, MT3

Rowan, R10

Arno, R10

Ava, Tātai 1

made a homemade pinata

Summer, Tātai 1

Carly, R10

Aoife, MT5

Lockdown EPro8 Challenge

Year 3, Room 6 – A Poem

Poem is called – It’s not a cup, it’s a…

Year 4, Room 6 – A Poem

Poem is called – It’s not a leaf, it’s a….

Hector, R16

Emily, R2

Remi, R6

Holly, MT3

Mimi, Tātai 1

Darshan, R6

August 30 is Lord Krishna’s birthday – a Hindu festival. Lord Krishna is one of many gods in the Hindu religion. Darshan celebrated in style by dressing up as Lord Krishna himself. He also became famous as his photos went viral through the Indian community and were put on an Indian news website! Ka rawe, Darshan!

Regan, MT3, Ella, Tātai 1

R6 Recipe

Max, MT3

Pizza Hut pizza at home!

Leon, MT4

Reuben, Tātai 1

A marble run & solar powered crane

Luigi, R2

Arno, R10

Theo, R6, Jemima, R10, Daphne, MT5

Nash, R10

Nori, R16

Elsie, R6

Using a jar of water as a magnifying glass for observational drawing.

Elija, R16

Edwin, Tātai 1 & Holly MT3

Bridge Building from lego and testing it’s strength

Ihaia, R6

Theo, R6, Jemima, R10, Daphne, MT5

Eli, R16

Lola, R7

For flight week I made a Falcon and a baby Tui from foraged feathers for the cats to play with. When I spin the Falcon bird around it makes a vrrrrr noise.

Hunter, R10

Rowan, R10

He used Maths and Science skills to build a bridge for the Epro challenge

Scarlett W, MT5

Regan, MT3

Maia, Tātai 1

Tahlia, Tātai 1

Nora, R16

Luca, R16

Parau Dam

A new family leaving from the school bus stop on 7/9 afternoon.

Lockdown Bears are Back!

Pirate Jokes

What’s a pirates favourite gas? Aaaargon.

What’s a pirates favourite biscuit? Aaaarnots.

What’s a pirates favourite subject at school? Aaaart.

What’s a pirates favourite poison? Aaaaarsenic.

What’s a pirates favourite character in a book? Aaaaaartemis fowl.

What’s a pirates favourite type of maths? Aaaarithmitic.

What’s a pirates favourite letter? Rrrrr.

What’s a pirates favourite Caribbean Island? Aaaaaruba.

What’s a pirates favourite Olympic sport? Aaaarchery.

What’s a pirates favourite crime? Aaaarson.

What do you call a pirate that cuts down trees? An aaarborist

What football team do pirates support? Aaaarsenal

Who coached the pirate football team Aaarsene Wenger

How does a pirate measure rotation? AaaarPM’s.

How does a pirate get food? He baaaarters.

What do you call a pirate that cuts hair? A baaarrrber.

What is a group of pirates called? An Aaaarmy.

What’s a pirates favourite army unit? The Aaaartillery.

What part of the armed forces do Pirates serve in? The navy silly – (you thought I was going to say Aaarmy)

By Griffin MT3