LIAM: There’s a team you know

That put on a great show

Netball’s their game

Laingholm Magic’s their name

Mr Wetherill’s in awe

Debbie Morgan cries ‘more!’

Mr Cox is too busy

Picking his jaw off the floor

So without further ado

Let me introduce you

To our netball Waitakere

Champions – YAHOO!

Say hi to our Grace

She really is ace

She moves into space

No one gets in her face

Emmett stands tall

So strong and so big

He plays with great flare

And that isn’t a wig

Meet our Jack Irving

Always cunning and swerving

Quick as a fox

He’s our chatterbox

Holly and Scarlett

AKA our twin towers

Can both score and defend

Our skilful sun flowers

Sophie’s the quiet one

She sneaks up on her prey

Taking no prisoners

She’ll get her own way

Now Tamsin is new

To the Netball scene

But she soon became known

As the intercept queen

And did you know

We have a secret weapon

So quick and so sharp

She’s lethal I reckon

Inaya deserves

Her own standing ovation

She’s our pocket rocket

Of inhalation

So on behalf of Tammy, Rachel and me …

TAMMY: Hold on ..

I think you have left someone out

Now who could it be?

LIAM: Is she always full of energy

Busy as a bee

And loves to play C?

TAMMY: You are a tease

Can I tell them please?

It must be our very own


LIAM: So join Rachel and Tammy and me

On this day

And celebrate the magic

That won’t go away

In the final we smashed Sapphires 16-6

They didn’t count on us being so quick

Well done Laingholm

You is SICK!

3 cheers for Laingholm Magic

Hip hip ..

Hip hip ..

Hip hip ..

By Liam & Tammy Downes

School Assembly – 18.10.19