Year 6 camp finally happened – at Houghton Bush Camp, Murawai

My year 6 camp

On the first day, we had an absolute blast at school doing rock climbing, archery, and a giant puzzle game. After school, we got carted off by some (very nice) parents to our first afternoon at “Houghtons bush camp” near Muriwai. When we arrived, we unpacked, settled into our bunk rooms and generally played around. After a scrumptious dinner of delicious pasta bake, we roasted some yummy marshmallows over a crackling bonfire and sang songs. Good old-school fun!

On day 2, we rotated around the following activities:

· Orienteering, which was basically getting lost in the bush and looking for hidden symbols with the help of a map and compass. Then we had to try to make as many words as possible out of the “fantastic” letters we found – my team got 50! Woo-hoo! It was loads of fun despite the rotten possum we found.

· The bushwalk consisted of a short stroll through the lush forest and a tent pitching competition which (to be honest) was quite refreshing!

· Then there was heaps of sports gear to choose from: table tennis, frisbee, running round and playing football… When I was playing tug of war, I

slipped and got a nasty rope burn on my neck. Ouch.

· Then we had a go at cooking with gas stoves: We mixed our own damper dough and cooked them in a pan – they were delicious!

After home-made burgers and choc cake, we waited for it to get dark. Everyone performed little skits, then we set out for our Burma trail: The adults hid in the forest and scared us as we walked past in the pitch black, feeling our way along a rope. My personal experience wasn’t that good, but at least I got some sleep afterwards, as it wasn’t actually that scary with everyone shouting loudly as they trampled through the bush.

On our last day, we visited the gannet colony: boy it stank, but it was still fun seeing the birds sit on their nests, guarding their eggs. Then we packed up our bags and headed home.

Camp was such great fun, but I was glad to be in my own bed again!

By Noah S